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Vai Beach, popularly known as the Palm Forest, is situated 25 km east of Sitia and 94 km east of Agios Nikolaos. It is the only wild date palm grove in Greece, stretching over 250 square km and featuring 5000 palm trees, making it the largest palm tree forest in Europe. The stunning landscape makes Vai one of the most magnificent beaches in the country.

The origin of this forest dates back to the Classical period and is thought to be the result of Phoenician traders discarding the seeds of dates they ate. In front of this unique forest lies kilometres of pristine, soft golden sand and a mesmerizing azure sea.

The bewitching and tropical atmosphere of the place draws thousands of travelers, making it quite crowded during peak season. The main entrance to the beach is open from sunrise to sunset to prevent fires and camping is not allowed. Snack bars and coffee shops can be found along the beach.

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